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is live in san jose where catholics attended a joyous service in honor of pope francis this evening. >> reporter: it is quiet right now, it is symbolic of a changing catholic church. the bells were ringing and people were singing here at the san jose church to celebrate the first latin american pope. it is something they have waited 20 centuries for. >> i think that this particular pope would have deeper sympathies and understanding of what it it is to be a child of an immigrant and hopefully our own children of immigrants can relate. >> the 1.2 billion catholics are from latin america. the faithful cried and prayed across argentina for the new pope francis who they knew as jorge, bergoglio, the archbishop of buenos aires. >> i spoke to my relatives and they are emotional and happy and pleased. they say he is a very, very inteligent man. he is not easy to manage. he is a person of principal. >> members of the argentine club of san jose toasted their new pope. >> i have a wait and see attitude toward this pope because he has a reputation for being an ultra conservative. an ultra cons
francisco including tonight and one in hayward, union city and san jose. the shooting in the south bay brought people back to make sure it is a high speed chase with cops over the weekend. police say they had no choice but to shoot ronnie who they say was armed and dangerous. the family and friends question that. lisa amin gulezian has more from san jose. jay they quietly -- >> they quietly stood with candles, signs and their memory. >> he is loyal to his friend. >> he was shot and killed by san jose police on saturday. >> you can hear the barrage of gunshots as they fired at the 27-year-old in this cell phone video. they first noticed him in west san jose jie. he was in the area doing routine patrols and he was looking suspicious. but the officer decided not to follow him or stop him. he circled back toward the officer. >> then police say he took off on highway 85. by then several officers were chasing him. >> he pointed a hand gun at several pursuing officers multiple times. >> and so when his car finally stopped here in front of his friend's house, police say they ordered him to sto
. >> wet outside. and independence san jose state whether rain leaking through the roof of the reno force officials to cancel a spartan basketball game. >> raping on the peninsula as well. umbrella out windshield wiper on and water pools on the streets of san francisco. good evening everyone. >> let's get straight to 7 news on live doppler 7 hd. sandhya. >> let me show you live doppler 7 hd. moisture moving through the south by. east bay. not just in the form of rain but we are also satisfying snow at the higher elevations www. let's check out the radar national weather service radar in the santa cruz mountains and as i take you in closer here you will see that we are getting some moderate rain around the santa cruz mountains. check out the south bay. moderate rain falling around willow glen as you notice here. middle east meridian avenue. san jose really santa clara getting some moderate rain. east fremont avenue. this is actually believe it or not mixed precipitation over mount hamilton falling right now as as we get tighter into the east bay you notice some lighter shower a
. new febreze stick & refresh. breathe happy. >>> developing news in san jose. we are going to show you the scene where police shot a woman they say tried to run them over. good evening. i'm ama dates. dan ashley has the night off. >> i'm carolyn johnson. that woman is expected to survive. officers say they had no choice but to open fire again. this all happened next to the aladen expressway. this is the third police shooting in san jose this month raising questions tonight about police tactics. abc7 news reporter thomas roman is there for us. thomas? >> carolyn, anytime a police officer shoots someone, the police department takes it seriously. that's why san jose police are still working this crime scene. they have also closed off almaden road between willow glen way and willow road. the investigation has been going on for the past six and the evidence technicians poured over the road. from sky 7hd we can see the red honda that was involved in the shooting incident in the driveway of a home. san jose police spokesman says officers were checking out reports of a stolen car seen in the n
simeon near hearst castle depth of less than 5 miles. no injuries or damage reported. >> in san jose tonight some folk fighting the all american restaurant no. big mac there they don't want mcdonald's in their neighborhood. lisa is live at the orchard farm shopping center to explain why. lisa? >>reporter: dan, the developer wants to put the mcdonald's right here. it is rate across the street from a middle school and this has been an empty lot for 20 years. tonight many said they would rather to stay empty than become mcdonald's. >> i have heard from a number of you already. i know you are not shy about your opinions. >>reporter: san jose city councilman pete constant organized the community meetin meeting. to discuss the possibility of a mcdonald's with a drive through opening in this portion of the orchard farm shopping center. right across the street from hyde middle school. >> don't like to have 11, 12, 13, 14-year-old being worried about crossing streets. >> tremendous risk exist for one of them getting hit. >>reporter: increase in traffic isn't their only concern. >> w
the book of condolence in lieu of following the procession to san jose on thursday. local venues could not uh accommodate. all of the personnel paying tribute to the slain officers. governor jerry brown will attend as will harris and former defense secretary leon panetta. also santa cruz native and "american idol" singer james durbin will perform at the memorial. the city of santa cruz will effectively shutdown for the day on thursday. outside agencies will handle police and fire calls so the personnel can take part in the procession and in the memorial service here in san jose. reporting live, leslie brinkly, abc7 news. >> thank you, leslie. the final arrangements are in place for tomorrow's memorial service. >> if you live in santa cruz and don't have a way to get to san jose they are offering bus vouchers for the ride over the hill. if you need one go to and look under see it on tv. >> cal tran and amtrak are offering free train rides to law enforcement personnel. there is a stop across from the pavilion. >> they open at 10:00 in the morning and they will be showing the
. >> dan: an emotional night nor hundreds of people in san jose. they came together to honor the memory of a young man gone far as to. he was killed crossing the train tracks. everybody said he was talented as he was nice. >> that is very true. it happened around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. the young man was walking home from lincoln high school. he was crossing these caltrain tracks when a passenger train came out of the bend and hit him. >> we need to console each other in these times. >> tonight many were ungone solaable. the 16-year-old was walking along the trans tuesday when he was hit by a passenger train. >> the train hit him and he wasn't paying attention. let it to to be a lesson. come on. the train tracks are not cute. >> he was wearing headphones as the train approached. he was just a few yards from his home. >> the lincoln high school junior was loved, hundreds filled the park with memories, tears and wishes. >> today.... >> he loved music. he made this video for a web channel called silicon dchtd bug recently. >> music has been a big part of my life since i was a kid. >> he
this morning outside the east san jose home. lillian is live on am door court where it all started. >> carolyn mother daughter came home couple of hours ago and while it has been a long and emotional day for them, mom was able to share a few words. she emerge from the home wanting to thank the community. daughter gabriel was subject of amber alert. after wide spread media coverage and intense search the baby was found safe and sound. >> my baby is okay thank god. i was happy find her and have her with me and i want to say everybody thank you thank you thank you. >>reporter: nightmare began at 6:45 am. that's when she saw somebody driving away in her suv with the baby inside. san jose police say the mom had left the vehicle with the keys in the ignition for only a short time as she ran back into the thousands retrieve some items. investigators don't know who was behind the wheel but they say it may have been the same person who seen standing around in the cul-de-sac shortly before the vehicle was stolen. >> we don't know if she got into the car walked off what happened to her but last pe
cruz to a larger venue in san jose. throughout the evening a steady stream continued a pilgrimage to the police department. >> it show usa lot of community support. a lot of people are really -- were affected by this. >> reporter: the show of support has been overwhelming. a planned memorial service was to be held at kaiser permanente arena with over flow crowds. but both were deemed too small so thursday services will be at hp pavilion in san jose. news had mixed reactions from residents. >> i think the fact that it is so big it had to be moved is awesome. it shows the support the community is able to give to each other. i wish it was in santa cruz. >> reporter: santa cruz officers are back on patrol. their day shift took over from the sheriff's department and california highway patrol who had taken on police services in the city for a few days. some officers welcomed the return to service. >> the citizens have been so supportive it is nice to get back and start serving them again. it has been a rough couple days, but we are all antsy to get back. >> reporter: they are piecing to
're following developing news in san jose where police are still looking for a killer armed with a knife. >> dan: he stabbed a woman to death a few blocks from the santa clara county sheriff's office and the jail. john alston is live on north first street. >> reporter: san jose's tenth homicide of the year took place not far from the santa clara government building. they have ended their door-to-door search and we talked to the young man who tried to save the 29-year-old woman. >> the brutal stabbing happened in broad daylight just after 2:30 in the afternoon in a parking lot next to the togo sachbd witch shop. he was eating there and rushed out to help the woman who was slashed on her neck and arms. >> i held her head up and kept pressure on it. can you give me any name and she couldn't really took. >> he was covered in blood when paramedics arrived. >> it was horrible for her to have to die that way. by me being there it wasn't that bad way to die. >> he was doing handy work and had to convince police he was not the killer. real culprit hopped a fence and ran through the neighborhood where the
carlos and san jose, 53 in half moon bay, 48 degrees. 80s coming to parts of the bay area tomorrow and i will be back to show you where and when rain might be showing up. dan? >> thanks very much. we will see you in a few minutes. there are a lot of angry parents at a preschool in the east bay tonight, and they want answers. that's after a former teacher tied up a two-year-old little girl with masking tape because she wouldn't take a nap. abc7 news reporter john alston is live and sounds like the meeting got pretty heated tonight. >> they didn't get the answers they wanted. we also learned the two-year-old girl is no longer at the school and four or five other parents have also pulled their children from the center point christian school. this closed door meeting was closed at times. parents drove off in a hurry after tonight's 90-minute meeting, in no mood to stop and talk about what happened inside. some were clearly upset about what they heard or didn't hear. >> there were people who were highly frustrated, and there was raised voices, yes. >> 114 parents gathered in the sanctuary of
with the mother in san jose after being held for ransom for 18 months. tonight 3 suspects 2 from mount vernon washington and juarez mexico are in custody. authorities say the mother was here illegally looking for work. she asked suspects in washington to help bring her children to the u.s. she paid them repeatedly but never saw her kid. the people threatened to kill the children if she went to the authorities. despite that she did go to the authorities. the pair from washington now being held on federal felony charges in san jose. >>> is memorial will take place on thursday for the 2 santa cruz police officers shot and killed in the line of duty last tuesday. motorcade procession thursday morning ocean street and travel over highway 17. memorial for detective sergeant baker and detective butler was moved to the hp pavilion in san jose to accommodate expected to be a large crowd. service is set to begin at noon. we will broadcast it here live beginning at 11:00 a.m. on 7 news at and our web site. >> well you have probably seen the new lit display on the bay pwrichbility you can see it
it happened at 6:45 this evening. police say san jose officers on special task force in plain clothes and driving unmarked vehicles were working a separate case when they spot add white 2 door honda that turned out to be stolen. neighbors say there was quake chase. >> we heard 3 cars come around ice cream truck really fast so we all came out of our houses. >>reporter: santa clare county sheriff's department says the driver of the stolen white honda threw it in reverse. >> suspect rammed 2 officer vehicle in reverse. accelerated forward. hit a parked car that was in the area. one of the officers at that time had already got out of the vehicle. that's when the suspect again tried to accelerate at high speed to the officer and officer opened fir fire. >> surrounded a car didn't hear anything like put your hands up or anything. just just heard 2 quick shots. pop pop. >>reporter: but police say the undercover officer fired only one shot. streaking the driver in the head and killing him. witness wondered if the suspect knew they were undercover police. >> he was clear the suspect k
yesterday at the school where he taught in sea side near monterey. search of his east san jose home police say turned up more than 1,000 video kleps and photographs of children who appear to be under 10 years of edge. >> we didn't find any videocamera or anything like that in the thus would make us indicate that he was manufacturing child pornograph pornography. however we have not done a complete forensic evaluation of the computer to find if there's any child porn that we consider not known. >> he worked in san jose astute teacher from 2008 until a few weeks ago. the school district there has notified airports the school where he worked. >> search under way for 20-year-old man who suffered a head injury while biking last week which could be associated with his disappearance. matthew seen here playing guitar in the you tube video last seen at 9 last night in scoot valley. searchers now looking between there and henry cowell state park in shelton where he liked to go mountain mountain biking. lisa joins us now from the command post in scott's valley with the latest. lisa? >>reporter:
view, .17. oakland, san jose, .09 of an inch and about .07 is in concord. i will let you know if you are going to need the rain gear for the start of spring which is by the way tomorrow morning at 4:02. carolyn? >> thank you. a san jose police officer who killed a man also shot a suspected it murderer in november. police say officer bruce shot a man after officers confrontedded him in a stolen car last night. they say the driver tried to run down the officer so he opened fire. sky 7hd shows where it happened. last november officer bath -- bartholemew shot a man after a shootout that injured another officer. >>> it is make or break time for the city of santa clara. the city council vote owed whether to move forward with the attempt to host the superbowl 2016 or 2017. it would be exciting and expensive. lisa amin gulezian is live to explain what happened. lisa? >> the city council voted to move forward with its bid for the super bowl. >> santa clara is going all out to woo the nfl in the bid for the super bowl. the new stadium will open in 2014 and 2016 the city leaders want the super
in san jose. another live view from the high definition south beach camera san francisco looking at the bay bridge from another perspective and temperature readings around the area 50 at napa. we have another mild difficult coming our way tomorrow but big changes after that. i'll tell you all about that in my accu-weather 7 day forecast. >> see you shortly. >> catholic church is without a leader tonight. college of cardinal take a few day to decide when they will enter conclave to elect the next pop pope. [ bells ringing]. >>reporter: pope benedict xv xvith stepped down today. first pope to did so in nearly 600 years. catholic around the world including those here in the bay year say they can only have faith in the selection process. >> put my 98th god to provide someone to lead the church who cap lead all of us. progressive one conservative one and hopefully bring us together with some idea of how to love the world and serve others even though we are all very different. >>reporter: decision of when to enter conclave will be made monday by more than 100 voting cardinal fro
' new santa clara stadium. our media partners at the san jose mercury news report that the team has sold three-fourths of the seats at the new stadium totaling $300 million. that's roughly equal to the cost spent to build the stadium so far. the team says they are on track to sell outcome pleatly before the start -- out completely when the niners start playing in the south bay. >> and meantime, the 49ers' quarterback may not have come home with the super bowl and judging by the number of people who came out to greet him, he is still a winner. the faithful turned out by the hundreds for an autograph and to have their pictures taken at the danville safe way. >> any girl would love to have him. i am telling you. he is a doll. too bad i am grandma. >> she was impressed. >> she was. >> despite the team's loss to the baltimore ravens, kaepernick has not lost his star power. the lines stretch out the front door to the corner and down the street. >> new at 11:00, a dive bar in washington state is saying if you want to drink, take off the new google glasses. the bar in seattle is warning people t
. the temperatures are 51 in san francisco and 55 degrees in san jose. golden gate bridge, not looking so bad at this hour, but tomorrow morning could be a different story. livermore is 54 degrees. watch out for foggy areas in the morning 6789 -- morning. mild inland and cool at the coast. it is the first full weekend of spring. the satellite radar is showing the cold front that was responsible for our drizzle. we had scattered showers earlier today, but it is long gone and now we are going to have to contend with low clouds and fog overnight tonight. front moves out and the high pressure builds behind it. this is the time of year when you see winds getting gusty. here is a look at a computer animation indicating what the winds will be doing. these are wind gusts. 10:00 a.m., 31 mile an hour wind out of the north. as we head into the early afternoon the wind will start to pick up, 38 miles an hour there. and by 5:00 in the afternoon, could be seeing 40 mile an hour wind gusts. 29 in half moon bay. hang on tight and make sure you secure loose objects. it will be windy near the coast. fog first
councilor. >> it is a done deal tonight. san jose city officials finalized a $7 million tax incentive to entice samsung to expand in the silicon valley. he wants to replace its existing office with a campus totaling $680,000 square feet, seen here. austin, texas is also in the running for the expansion. samsung's growth will create $23 million in tax revenue for the city over the next 10 years. >>> coming up next, a terrifying experience for a little girl visiting uc berkeley's lawrence halve science. >> she knew right away there was an arrow in her leg. >> an arrow, but how did it get there? the search for an archer in the berkeley hills. >> and general petraeus and his first public comments since resigning from the cia. >> and tiger woods and the new nike ad that some people say is offensive. you be the judge. >> and then later on "jimmy kimmle live." >> tonight music from kid >> tonight music from kid kuddy to kareem abdul jaw ♪ alright, let's go. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [
. it is 57 in oakland. mild 61 in san jose and 52 in half moon bay. visibility has dropped to 5 miles with fog. i just checked out the latest computer models. the timing and the onset of the rain has changed. what this means for your easter egg hunts and your plans coming up. >> a little girl was hospitalized tonight after being hurt when bullets started whizzing through her neighborhood. it happened near the oakland coliseum near 82nd avenue and a street in east oakland. nick smith is live at children's hospital oakland. nick, she's okay, right? >> dan, that is the good news. nala is her name and she is 10 years old and she is fine. she is expected to survive. she and her eight-year-old sister were playing in the front yard when bullets started to fly nearby. >> it just happened so fast. >> just before 5:00 p.m., witnesses say shots were fired near 82nd avenue and a street in east oakland. sky 7hd was above where bullet casings littered the ground below. sharon dawson heard the gunfire and feared the worst. i. >> i heard it and came out and the first thing i thought of was my childre
in san jose. here's what's coming patchy fog at the coast. warming up next two days then it's cooler by the end of the week. right now as i show you the pacific satellite picture here's what's will happen. high pressure is going to be calling the shots the next two days. with rim of high pressure in control the warming trend will continue. temperatures by wednesday in the low 80's. all right. tomorrow monk it's going to start out comfortable. well above normal by the way in the low 80's. in the 40's for the entire bay area but what you have to watch out for is the fog near the coast. poor visibility in pockets. give yourself extra time for the morning commute if you drive along the coast line. the fog will be around and then it will pull back pretty quickly tomorrow afternoon. nasty day. 70's than land. 60's coast side. weighs take a look at the specific temperatures you will see what it will turn out like. 75 degrees in santa cruz tomorrow. 74 in san jose. sunny vail on the peninsula blue skies 72 in san mateo o. 73 palo alto, coastal area half moon bay up to 64 degree
showing up here right over san francisco. the temperature right now 56 degrees. mid50s for oakland, san jose. 48 in half moon bay. we do have rain in the forecast. i will let you know if it will arrive for the weekend or if it will hold off until next week. carolyn? >> see you shortly. >>> a missing scots valley man has been found in a utah library. they say matthew austin abraham is in their custody and undergoing a medical evaluation following a severe head injury. we have surveillance image to show of 8 braye ham in sparks, in eve nef -- of abraham in sparks where a bros driver dropped him -- a bros driver dropped him off. he and a person on the bus were trying to figure out who abraham was. >> he had a couple of names he thought he might be. there was confusion about his identity. this person on the bus helped him and brought him to the library. they did some internet research and was able to find a news article from california and linking one of the names he thought maybe who he is. >> now, the two together contacted the police agency in salt lake who then -- rather the police agen
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22